Can Genital Warts Disappear on Their Own? - An Expert's Perspective

Genital warts can be a source of discomfort and embarrassment for many people. But can they disappear on their own? The answer is yes, but it can take a long time. In most cases, genital warts can resolve without treatment within two years as the virus clears up. However, treatment can speed up the process considerably and prevent any complications or spread of warts.

People with a wart outbreak can reduce the risk of HPV being transmitted to others by abstaining from sex until the warts have been absent for two weeks. Treatment can also alleviate any associated pain, itching, and irritation. If genital warts come back after treatment, you can talk to your nurse or doctor about treatment options for removing them again. There are several different ways to treat genital warts, depending on their location and the amount of skin they cover. These include topical creams containing green tea extract, which doctors prescribe to treat external genital and anal warts.

If you have genital warts, it is important to get tested and talk to your nurse or doctor about treatment options. Your current sexual partners should also be tested because they may have warts and not know it. The HPV vaccine offered to girls and boys aged 12 to 13 in England protects against cervical cancer and genital warts. It is important to get vaccinated if you are eligible as it can help protect against HPV-related diseases. In conclusion, genital warts can go away on their own but it may take a long time. Treatment is the best way to get rid of them quickly and reduce the risk of recurrence or transmission.

If you have any questions or concerns about genital warts, it is important to speak with your healthcare provider.

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